Easy Barramundi Fish Cakes /Patties Recipe

Once fully prepared, these are cooked in around 2 minutes , so prepare your salad or other sides ready to accompany the final dish before you start making your barramundi fish cakes.
These fish cakes are made by mixing together two separate preparations into a meatball, flattening it out into a patty just before cooking it in a frypan.
The Proportions should be around: 2 Parts Veggie Preparation 3 Parts Fish Preparation

Preparation 1: Veggies

  • (Its fine if you don’t have all these ingredients, but best if you do.)
  • Green Beans: 2 Table Spoons – cut into Small Rounds
  • Fennel Bulb: 4 Table Spoons – Grated
  • Celery: 3 Table Spoons – Finely Diced
  • Spring Onion: 2 Table Spoons – Cut into Rounds
  • Corn Kernels: 2 Table Spoons
  • Carrot: 2 Table Spoons – Grated

Stir-fry Preparation 1 for a few minutes, then set aside to cool.

Preparation 2: Fish

  • Barramundi: 200g – Raw, Skin Off – cut into large chunks
  • Thai Red Curry Paste: 1 Tablespoon

Blitz Preparation 2 in a food processor briefly – looks like red mush.

Combine preparations 1 & 2 thoroughly, then form tightly into meatball type things all the same size, on a plate.

Cooking Barramundi Fish Cakes /Patties

To a cold frying pan, add a tablespoon of your preferred oil – suggest you use coconut oil, but olive oil is fine (never use vegetable oil). Then wipe it around the bottom of the pan to coat it.

Heat up your pan to a Medium heat.

Flatten out a meatball of fishcake mixture into the shape you want, then add it to the pan at the 12 o’clock position on a clock face., flatten out your next fishcake and add it to the pan at 2 o’clock, next one at 4 o’clock: as if the pan has a clock face on it. Continue till you have 6 fishcakes in the pan, and put one in the centre if you have that many, cook a second batch if you have more than 7.

They don’t take long to cook, about a minute each side. When you are ready to carefully flip them over, start with the first fish cake you put in at the 12 o’clock position and then turn the next one around the clock you go in the order that you put them in.

Once cooked, remove from the pan to a plate with a paper towel on it.

Serve with your salad or other sides and a wedge of lemon. Sweet Chili Sauce is an easy dipping sauce. Sour Cream is great also. So is guacamole.