How to Clean a Sand Crab

Cleaning a cooked Sand Crab involves removing the inedible parts and portioning it up ready to serve. 

Please watch the Video above to learn exactly how to clean a Sand Crab safely. If you have a Question, please ask it in the comments section of the video.

Are Crab Gills / Lungs Poisonous?

Crab Lungs, also known as Gills, Feathers or Dead Man’s Fingers, are part of the respiratory system of crabs and other crustaceans. While they are often called “lungs,” they function differently from the lungs of mammals.

While the gills themselves are not poisonous, it’s important to note that crabs, like any seafood, can accumulate toxins and pollutants from their environment. These toxins can be found in various parts of the crab, including the gills. Therefore, it is generally recommended to remove the gills as a precautionary measure.

When cleaning a crab, it is common practice to remove the gills as they are not typically consumed and can impart a bitter taste if left intact.